One hose and many adaptors

It is actually pretty easy to fill a tank with water. Hold a hose into the tank and turn on water. We wanted to have more comfort and also use the water as drinking water – thus we needed a better system.

Of course, you should get only clean water in drinking water quality. Usually, that is available at motorhome service stations. At least, if you use your own hose – you don’t know if the provided hose hasn’t been used before to clean a cassette toilet…

TrinkwasserschlauchWhen researching, we first liked an extensible water hose (also called flexi hose). But those hoses are not suitable for drinking water. Therefore, we purchased a drinking water hose in a hardware store. We chose a length of 7m.

To be prepared for all possible taps we got Gardena tap connectors for 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch and 1 inch. If nothing fits or we find a non threaded tab we use our “Gardena round tap connector“.

Gardena Adapter

Next, we compiled a battery of hose connectors. Strange? Maybe. But definitely practical 😉

In detail:

  • Water filter, to really get clean and aseptic water (reviews state that the filter is clogged quite fast and reduces the flow rate significantly.
    > Update 03/06/2019: In general, we are happy but will exchange the filter at the end of its lifetime and try something new.
  • Water stop, to stop the water at the end of the hose as soon as the tank is full.
  • Water flow meter, to get a good overview on the volume/weight that we have on board and also to control the water flow (liter/minute).
  • Tank adapter (S60 x 6), to plug the hose directly to the tank without holding it.

FaltkanisterIn case, we don’t want to drive to a service station because we set up everything nicely and we need water, we purchased two foldable 15 l water canister.

Update: The foldable water canister did not work well for us since we cannot get close enough to the water tank with them – we would have needed a kind of hopper. We are now using a normal watering can instead.

Finally, we placed a silver ion ball into our tank to preserve the water.

Wasserkonservierung Slberkugel

We will tell if we really need everything…

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