Fantastic 2,892 kilogram!

We would have never guessed that we would be so happy about a weight number. But 2,892 kg mean that we can take twice as much as expected with us.

As described before the weight of a motorhome is really a big thing. It was our most relevant decision factor for optional accessories (read here: Our motorhome: Bürstner Lyseo TD 744). Based on the officially stated weights, we would have been able to only load 170 kg (!) to not exceed the 3.5 ton weight limit.

Now, everything changes. We went to the ADAC service station in Munich (Ridlerstr. 35). As an ADAC member you can weight your motorhome every Thursday for free. We expected about 3,065 kg.

So, we fill our gas tank and our gas tank bottles, install the child seat, get on the scale and it shows … 2,892 kg. Yes, what a day!!!

When we then add 130 kg of water and 155 kg for the three of us, we still have 323 kg that we can load. Isn’t is a great day?!

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