Thermomix and Motorhome – Is this a thing?

We confess: We are Thermomix lovers. Before our trip, the Thermomix was in use at least three times a week. Making freshly cooked dishes after work without much effort is a great thing.

And now?

We still use the Thermomix – but not that often anymore. The Thermomix has two essential downsides when used in a motorhome:

  • It needs 230V electricity.
  • It is more difficult to clean than a pot.

We often camp off-grid and have no socket available. Electricity also costs up to €5 per day or 50 cents per kWh extra on many campsites. In that cases we completely do without electricity. Thanks to our solar panel and the second battery, we don’t actually need 230V. But that means, we can’t use the Thermomix.

Even when we have electricity, we rarely use the Thermomix. Because the (water-saving) cleaning is difficult. Leftovers often sticks under the knives. We also want to flush down as little organic waste as possible in our grey water tank. That would start to smell over time.

We only use the Thermomix, when we feel addicted to a certain dish or when we need a blender, e.g. for our homemade chocolates or to chop parmesan.

Instead, we now often cook one-pot dishes. This works great for many different pasta and rice menus. It is just as quick as the Thermomix and requires less washing-up.


It is not worth buying a Thermomix for the motorhome. But when it is there and the luxury of free weight and free space is available, it will bring variety into your camper kitchen.

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