Driving CO₂ neutral with our motorhome

Compared to other types of travels and vacations, traveling with a motorhome is already quite eco friendly. But, we want to do more.

We try to avoid waste produced by packaging. If possible, we purchase local groceries. Since cloth diapers are not compatible with our 3 week wash cycle we use eco diapers (Eco by Naty).

Our ecological footprint is mainly determined by diesel fuel. Even though, our motorhome is technically the most advanced Euro-6-motor, it is still emitting CO₂. Which we cannot avoid if we want to travel through Europe.

During the last year, we drove 22,520 km. On average, our motorhome needs 10.7 liter per 100 km and thus we emitted 6,385 kg of CO₂.

Logo Prima KlimaThat is the amount of CO₂ that we want to compensate by supporting the organisation Prima Klima. With our money, the non-profit organization plants and saves woods and takes CO₂ certificates off the market to make sure that nobody else can emit the CO₂. They already realized wood projects for several years around the globe. They especially focus on sustainability including controlling and local experts.

We especially valued the sustainability of their work and the low overhead. Here, we like to donate!

Our CO₂ certificate

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