Mobile internet access in Albania

Vodafone Albania offers a cheap prepaid card with 15+5 GB LTE data volume. It is valid for 21 days and therefor it is perfect for holidays and short trips across the country. The data plan is called “paketa 3 Javore Vodafone Tourist Pack”.

In Albania, our French SIM card can only be used with additional roaming costs. Therefore, we first consider using our fallback.

Europe prepaid data SIM from Transatel: 10 GB for €59. The data volume can be used throughout Europe and is valid for 30 days after the first use (= €5.90/GB). – Note: The SIM card is currently only available in a 3 GB version.

But then we discover the LTE prepaid offer from Vodafone Albania:

LTE data plan in Albania – Vodafone

(March 2020)

The data plan “Paketa 3 Javore Vodafone Tourist Pack” offers 15 GB (+ 5 GB for video streaming on Youtube and Netflix) for 1,500 Lek (approx. €12 = €0.60/GB). The volume is valid for 21 days after the first use.

Our hardware

We use the SIM cards with our LTE Router Netgear Nighthawk M1, that provides us with Wifi in our motorhome.

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