Half full or half empty

Initially, we had an automatic switch for our integral gas bottles. That switch indicated when the first bottle is empty. We thought that this is not accurate enough for us and installed an electronic level meter.

The situation was: We went to a natural gas station and filled up our integral gas bottles as soon as we started to use the second gas bottle. Because we had only a rough estimate on how much gas we actually use and didn’t want to wake up in a cold motorhome…

As a result, we actually used one gas bottle. The second one was basically full all the time and we wanted to use the entire capacity of our gas bottles.

So, we installed an electronic level meter.

First, we exchanged the manual indicator with the new sensors. That was easily done with a hex-wrench.

We then laid the tracks through a hole in the gas box into the interior space. We used the head space behind and below the fridge.

We install the LED indicator and the switch below the main switch of the CPU (Crash Protection Unit). For that, we “borrow” the necessary 12V supply from the light switch above and we get the ground from the bed lifting control below. And now: Just switch on and enjoy to see the gas level of either bottle 1 or bottle 2.

Important to know:
The float lever of the level meter shows only an accurate value when the volume drops below 60%. As long as the gas level is above, the Livello indicator shows a full scale (all green LED appear). That means from a full 11kg bottle (full equals 80%) we need to consume 2.5 – 3.0 kg (approx. 20%) gas first until the indicator shows us a result.

By the way: Since we needed to remove temporarily the bed lifting control, we decided to bypass the on-off key switch. That way, we finally could get rid of the key which was a constant place to get caught.

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