Half a year in a motorhome

180 days ago, we moved from an apartment into our motorhome. We often get a lot of questions about everyday life. Here we show how we experience living in a motorhome.

First things first:  Do you have enough space?

Unser Wohnmobil - Bürstner Lyseo TD744 1

Although we are three people living on 14 square meter, we have enough space. Even if it is raining, we still can spend a day inside without getting crazy. We only wish for a larger bathroom: When we hit a wall again toweling ourselves off, well then we pray for 20 cm 😉

How comfortable is it?

Erste NachtWe had some prejudice with regards to comfort. Fortunately, none of that hold true. The comfort of a modern motorhome is basically like in an apartment. Thanks to heating, it is warm. The light is cosy. Cooking on a gas stove is even better than the electric ones in apartments. Even cuddling on the couch feels very much like in an apartment. Doing groceries is even easier – you drive your shopping cart directly to the entry door of your home.

What do you miss?

minimalismus-5-schritteWe sold (and got rid) most of the stuff we had and stored the rest. However, we actually don’t miss anything material. We even feel that we still carry too much with us – especially clothes. We need much less clothes since we don’t go to work everyday. And of course, a high class audio system creates a much clearer sound than our JBL Go2. We perceive such luxury during travel unnecessary. It may sound sappy but is the truth.

The only thing that we really miss are actually our friends.

How fast are you able to commence traveling?


Being here and there is actually really easy. We permanently stash our stuff. At most, we need to put away our garden chairs and unplug electricity and can start. In general, it is much easier than a normal weekend trip.

The only thing you have to consider: We need to move regularly because we need to refill our water tank latest every 4 days.

What could be easier?

SIM KartenAs soon as we cross a border, we need to search again for a new internet provider… meaning compare rates, read the small print, find a shop, wait (don’t underestimate the waiting time in telco shops 😉 ), purchase the SIM card, change it. Next country… start over…

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