Same same but different

When we fill our water tank, we get a lot of questions on our water filter. It definitely sparks an interest. For us, the filter is really necessary to get clean water into our tank, since it is the basis also for our drinking water. Therefore, we have to exchange filters regularly.

Review water filter PureOne

So far, we have used the water filter PureOne All-in-One. The reviews are mixed. We, however, are generally satisfied.


Most reviews criticize that the water flow drops significantly. We also experienced a drop in water flow but for us the flow velocity was still ok.


When new, the filter had a velocity of 15 liter per minute. After using the filter 3-4 times, the velocity dropped to about 10 liter per minute and after a while settled at about 7-8 liter per minute. After about 1,000 liter, the velocity dropped again to about 5 liter per minute. We then rinsed the filter backwards and got back to 7-8 liter per minute. That velocity remained until the end of the filter lifetime of 2,000 liter.

Since we could not change the cartridge for this filter, we had to decide, if we want to get the same filter again or try something new.

New water filter ae aqua

As you might have guessed so far, we decided for trying something new and purchased the water filter by ae aqua.

Befüllfilter ae-aqua

This filter costs about 130 €. It is considerably more expensive than the water filter PureOne (80 €). On the other side, you can replace the membrane for 60€. Which means that after three replacements the price is about the same and we produce less waste – already a plus.


The new filter is a bit more compact. The pipe fittings are directly mounted at the filter case. That way we don’t have anymore dripping hose connectors.

Using the filter is almost identical.

Befüllfilter ae-aqua

We connect the filter with Gardena hose fittings between stop valve and water meter. It is important to regard the flow direction.

Different is that after using the filter, water shall stay in the case. That way the filter can have an antimicrobial effect. We just need to plug the blue rubber plugs on both ends.

We enjoy measuring the flow velocity for the first time.


It states almost 19 liter per minute. However, we would be happy with the 10 liter per minute that the producer states.

Update 11/7/2019: After approx. 10 weeks in use we measured about 9 liter per minute.

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