Sleeping comfortable in lift bed

Bürstner usually equips all their beds with a duckboard – all beds except for the lift bed in the Lyseo TD 744. Here they installed a spacer fabric, which is rather hard and not really comfortable.

That is why we decide to upgrade. The bed spring system Froli Travel is ideal for lift beds due to its low hight of 3.3 cm. To cover our entire bed (2.00 m x 1.60 m ), we need two base packages with 96 spring elements.

2 Grundpakete Froli Travel

Installing the bed system is easily done in 2 hours. Here is how to install a bed spring system in a lift bed in a motorhome:

1. Get rid of the spacer fabric

The fabric is fastened with many metal staples. We can extract them easily with pincers.

2. Stick star base together

First, we lay one horizontal and one vertical line without sticking them together to determine which distance is needed (close, medium, far). For us, we need 11 star bases horizontal and 9 star bases vertical.

It is important to place the star bases below the cable.

3. Mount spring elements

We can easily mount the spring elements on the star bases with a quarter turn. There are two hardness grades. The softer ones are used for the shoulder area (3rd and 4th row from the top). To support the lordosis area, we strengthen the 5th and 6th row with leases. Done!

Add on: Adjust the stop position of the lift bed

The Froli Travel System is about 1.5 cm higher than the old spacer fabric. Therefore, our bed cloths is squeezed extremely below the ceiling when we lift our bed until the automatic stop. Therefore, we adjusted the stop position.

Next to the motor of the lift bed is the so-called ACS-module (Advanced Control System). The white screw (no. 1) determines the upper stop position. Turning the screw clockwise, the bed stops in a lower position. One turn equals to about 2.5cm.

We had to test a little bit: Turning the screw, lowering the bed a little bit and lifting it up again. Then the mechanism stops in the new stop position.

Remark 1

The yellow screw (no. 2) determines the lower stop position. If you want the bed to stop lower, you need to turn the screw counter clockwise and if you want to stop it in a higher position, turn clockwise.

Remark 2

Project-2000 HubbettThis “programming” works with all Project 2000 and EuroLoft lift beds that have this control panel. There are rumors outside in the internet about a hidden “set”-button. They are nonsense.

Ordering more Froli Travel items

Due to our 9×11 patter we needed 99 items – so the two base packages were not enough. We needed three more elements. Who also needs more single Froli Travel elements, should look at the online shop L-Parts. You can order star bases, spring elements and leases separately.

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