Our motorhome after 10,000 km

By now we have been driving in our motorhome 10,000 km across Europe. It is time to draw a first conclusion. Did we decide for the right motorhome? Did we decide for the right accessories?

Did we choose the right motorhome?

Yes, we still love our Lyseo.

Unser Bürstner Lyseo TD 744

We decided for the Lyseo TD 744 because of the lounge in the rear. And this lounge is exactly how we imagined it to be. It offers us a lot of space which we need especially during rainy days. And we enjoy our afternoon tea rather on the couch than on the dining table. Additionally, we are traveling with a baby which really values the additional space to practice kicking legs and turning around.

Unser Wohnmobil - Bürstner Lyseo TD744 2

What we (and fellow campers) like the most?

Quite a few fellow campers that we met praised our lounge and the picture window. Additionally, we hear that they would also like to have some of our alterations (refillable gas bottles, composting toilet and drinkable tap water). – We actually wonder why NO! motorhome manufacturer actually offers these as optional accessories.

Which optional accessories do we miss?

We (well, actually Christian) miss the most a rear camera.

Keine Rückfahrkamera

Sure, you get used to the length of the vehicle and the second person can help navigating if needed. And of course, when you really need a navigator, the baby will cry and needs attention 😉 So, we often need to dress the baby and take her with us to navigate the last centimeters into the final parking position.

What do we wish for the future development of mobile homes?

It would be great to get a better integration of vehicle and upper body.

Armaturenbrett Fiat Ducato

We would love to have one central steering unit for the entire board electronics: Like heating in the driving cab and heating in the upper body, audio system for the entire motorhome, one unit to meter water and battery that should be more exact than the standard 25%/50%/75/100%. The technology is available – we actually installed a battery computer.

Additionally, these things would make motorhomes even more comfortable:

  • Better insulation in the driving cab:
    We currently use a thermo curtain, that we need to fasten with push buttons each night; when we want to drive, we need to unfasten, fold it and deposit the thermo curtain in our lounge. The curtain insulates the driving cab and covers the instruments, which gives a more homelike feeling. However, it would be way easier if such an insulating curtain or something similar would be already integrated. Additionally, the floor could be insulated better that the cold does not come from below.
  • Integrate a sink and stove at the same level as the work plate:
    Both the sink as well as the stove are integrated into the work plate with small bumps. That way, our cutting board dangles and dirt sticks easily to the edges.
  • Extensible work plate in the kitchen:
    It is sometimes pretty tight when we cook. It would be much easier when we had a larger work plate. Of course, every centimeter counts. However, an extensible work plate would be possible.
  • Odor trap in the shower tub:
    While there are odor traps installed in the sinks, there are none in the shower tub. Therefore, we always plug the drain to not smell the gray water tank.
  • Several trash cans:
    That is not that relevant for short time traveler. However, it would be great to separate the trash without having several bags standing around. It would be possible to install several trash cans in the door – and who wouldn’t need several trash cans would have storage for bits and pieces.

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