Moving into the motorhome

Finally, THE day has arrived. We move from our apartment into our motorhome. We don’t have a lot of stuff anymore – however, storing everything is still a challenge.

Until the end we bit our nails: Do we have enough space? Do we manage to stay below the weight limit?

First things first. We need to switch on the heating. Since, the scale shows only 7°C, we rather wait a little while until the motorhome is warm enough. In the meantime, we fill in fresh water and fasten our bike.

Then, we start. First box are kitchen supply and groceries.

Umzugskiste Küche

Umzugskiste Lebensmittel

Then we bring in clothes, shoes, towels and bedclothes and bath room supply. And finally our computer, the baby bed and several small stuff.

About 20 hours later we stored everything in our boards and the garage.


Schrank mit Reisebüchern

And one question remained: how about the weight. As a reminder – we had 323kg left (Fantastic 2,892 kilogram!).

To make it short: Everything fits!!! We even have one board that is still empty.

Leerer Schrank


In detail:

  • Vehicle weight incl. optional accessories, gas (both to drive and to heat) and child seat: 2,892 kg
  • Fresh water (120 liter water tank + 10 liter warm water boiler): 130 kg
  • Christian, Conny and the little one (not separated on purpose 😉 ): 155 kg
  • Living room/Bedroom: 67 kg
  • Kitchen: 44 kg
  • Bathroom: 29 kg
  • Garage (Garden furniture, awning, hoses, extension cable, etc.): 54 kg
  • Several bigger individual parts (baby bed, bike): 22 kg
  • Misc 😉 : 22 kg

In total: 3415 kg

Now, we can really start. Today, we will spend our first night in our motorhome in front of our old apartment in Munich.

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