The world of one pot dishes

There is little space for cooking in our motorhome. Additionally, we really don’t enjoy doing the dishes. On the other hand we prefer freshly cooked meals. There is an easy option to create dishes fast and easy on a gas stove. To introduce you to the “world of one pot dishes” we present our basic recipe.

When we wanted to cook at home  a fresh and delicious dish without much effort, we usually used our Thermomix. Even now, when we are plugged into 220V electricity, we use our Thermomix.

However, we are rarely at places where we get wired electricity. Then, we create one pot dishes or use our Omnia oven.

Like the name indicates one pot dishes are prepared in a single pot. That is not only practical, but super easy.

Our basic recipe (here broccoli pasta) can be varied in a million ways:

(1) Chop an onion and garlic clove and stew them in a pot without the lid for 5 minutes at medium heat.

(2) Chop any type of vegetables (one or more types) and add them to the stewed onion and garlic. Add a little bit of water and season it with salt (leave out the salt if you are cooking for a baby < 12 months) and pepper. Cook it for five minutes with closed lid. We especially like bell pepper, broccoli, eggplants, tomatoes or zucchini.

(3) Add rice or pasta into the pot and stir:

    1. Rice: Add twice the amount of water and cook for 15 minutes.
    2. Pasta: Add as much water that pasta is slightly covered and cook for 12 minutes.

(4) Add some flavors you like e.g. milk, soy milk, cream or herbs.

You don’t have to decant the water. It usually vaporizes, especially when using rice. When cooking pasta it depends on the type of pasta and how much water you used – either the water is also vaporized or is a great sauce.

Enjoy your meal!

One Pot Brokkoli Nudeln

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