Totally underestimated: The Omnia oven

At home, we rarely used our oven. We didn’t often bake cakes. For the bread, we used our bread maker. That’s why we didn’t even think about an oven from the optional accessory list.

Over time, we started to follow more and more bloggers on Instagram; among others They post really yummy recipes and a lot of them are created with the help of the Omnia oven. We got hooked and wanted to bake ourselves.

We made ourselves a Christmas present and got the Omnia oven. The oven is light (approx. 500g) and rather inexpensive (approx. 85€ incl. silicone mold and roll grid; in comparison the oven from the optional accessory list from Bürstner costs 610€).

How does the Omnia oven work?

The oven looks like a big bundt cake pan with a lid. Mold and lid are made out of aluminium and are set on a stainless steel bowl. The three-piece is put on the gas stove. The gas heats the stainless steel bowl that transports the heat to the aluminium mold. Additionally, bowl and mold have a hole in the middle and the heat from the gas will directly rise through the hole and will be reflected on the lid. That way, you get an oven like at home with top and bottom heat.

If you are as lazy as us or want to bake something that contains acids you should use the silicone mold. To crisp rolls you can get the roll grid as an accessory.

Do we really use the Omnia oven?

Definitely. – We for instance use the oven to create French Toast to reuse old bread.

Additionally, we discovered our passion for cakes. Since Conny and Piccolina don’t eat industrial sugar, we experiment a lot.

If you decide for the Omnia (or maybe already own one), here is an easy “starter” recipe for a successful (?) cake experiment.

Recipe: Vegan, sugar free apple crumble cake

1. Step: Dough

  • 3 tbs mashed apples
  • 100 ml sun flower oil
  • 4 tbs grounded almonds
  • 3 tbs starch
  • 1 pack of baking powder
  • Whole wheat flour

Mix mashed apples and oil until everything is fluffy. Add almonds, starch, baking powder and a little bit of flour with a spoon. Stir further and add as much flour until you have a nice solid dough that doesn’t stick to the bowl and still looks oily.

Fill two thirds of the dough into the Omnia oven silicone mold and pull the edges a little bit.

2. Step: Pudding filling

  • 150 ml soy milk
  • 1 EL starch
  • 1/2 TL ground vanilla

Fill some milk into a bowl and dissolve the starch in the cold soy milk. Heat the remaining soy milk into a pot and let it simmer together with the vanilla for a couple of minutes to intensify the vanilla flavor. Take the pot from the stove, pour in the dissolved starch and then put the pot back to the stove to reboil. Alternatively, you could use ready made pudding powder…

Let the pudding cool down and spread it over the dough.

3. Step: Apple and crumble

Pit the apple and cut it into thin pieces. Distribute those pieces evenly on the pudding in a way that they overlap. Finally, crumble the remaining dough over the apple.

4. Step: Bake

Then, bake everything: Heat up the Omnia oven for 5 minutes at the highest level and then for 30 minutes on the lowest level.

Finally: Enjoy ?


Do you want more recipes? Just write us a comment.

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