Drinking water without carrying bottles

There are many ideas out there in the internet to keep fresh water clean and how to preserve it (often with silver). We wanted to go beyond that and use our water tank as a drinking water supply. Here you’ll find our solution.

We were actually inspired by the German vlogger Hartmut (look at 2min 14sec) and ordered the water filter US-E2 by 3M.

This filter costs almost 200€. That doesn’t seem like a bargain at first. However, quality has its price. In contrast to the cheaper version, the water filter US-E1, it filters also micro biological contaminations. According to the producer, it filters:

  • More than 95% chlorine
  • 99.99% bacteria, cysts and alga
  • Sediments, dirt, rust, sand down to 0.2 micron

We installed the filter ourselves. Therefore, we connected the filter head with the cold water hose for the kitchen very close to the water tap and screwed it to the wall. Then we inserted the filter cartridge into the filter head with a quarter turn. That’s all. The most difficult part was the really little space below our sink. When we want to change the cartridge, there is an automatic water stop that prevents flooding our motorhome. The filter capacity is 7,500 liter.

We decided to install the water filter before the tap in our kitchen. We use this tap mainly for doing the dishes with warm water or for cooking. Additionally, now we also get drinking water from that tap. That way we can spare a separate drinking water tank as well as bottled water. The later would produce quite some waste and would be way more expensive.

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